Who We Are Today

Ability Plus Therapy is a pediatric therapy center in Melbourne, Florida. Ability Plus Therapy was founded in 2004 to provide the best quality of care to help children recover, grow, and thrive.

Today, our team has treated thousands of patients, enabling them to accomplish their dreams.

We deliver pediatric therapies including physical, occupational, and speech therapies with the use of innovative equipment, highly trained therapists, and an environment that nurtures and cares for your child.

How It All Started

Ability Plus Therapy was founded in 2004 by Laura Joslin, the mother of two children with Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. Roberta Neves, Physical Therapist, officially became co-owner of Ability Plus Therapy in 2006. Together with their years of personal experience and professional expertise, they built a foundation for Ability Plus Therapy rooted with passion and tenacity. They have created a unique environment that is challenging and fun for children to excel, and where families can find direction and comfort for their lifelong journey. Ability Plus Therapy remains one of the best and most innovative clinics in the world today.

"The driving factor behind both our companies is the singular belief that any child with a disability should be given the chance to succeed."

- Laura Joslin, Founder, CEO, Author, Speaker and Expert on Disability

Ability Plus Therapy provides services that transform the lives of patients.