“If I had never found Ability Plus Therapy,
I know my child would not be where he is today.”
– Ellen, proud mother of Quentin, a developmentally delayed patient

From our initial diagnosis to watching those first miraculous unassisted steps, Ability Plus Therapy has been our shining beacon of hope. Born with Spina Bifida, we were told that our son may never have the ability to walk, jump, run, or develop “physically” like other children. Fortunately for us, my husband knew of a perfect place to receive information, a therapy place near where he worked and spoke with Laura. Laura helped us stay positive throughout the remainder of our pregnancy and promised to help in any way that she could. It is truly a blessing to have someone on your side before you begin a difficult journey, and that is what Ability Plus has been able to provide for us. A team of caring, compassionate people that truly have the highest hopes and expectations from the very beginning. Starting at four months old, Gabriel was encouraged and challenged to work to his fullest potential, without a doubt leading him to all the successes he finds today. Now almost two and a half years later, Gabriel amazes everyone he meets, including all of his specialists at Arnold Palmer. Through the support of our amazing therapists, we were able to witness Gabriel take his first unassisted steps just a few days shy of his second birthday, the third week of his intensive therapy session. We were speechless and completely thrilled by his progress. He became stronger and more confident, definitely loving his “audience” in the gym as he worked. Our therapists gave us the tools that we needed to work with Gabriel at home and showed us how to help strengthen those weak muscles. Through his weekly sessions, our son was given a gift like no other – confidence. Now, just a few months away from his third birthday, he is walking completely independently. He is so proud of his accomplishment, as are we, and is beyond excited when we pull up to Ability Plus on Monday afternoons. We truly cannot fully express our gratitude for the services that Ability Plus provides and cannot wait to see what the future holds! From the very bottom of our hearts, thank you! Thank you for ALL that you do!”

— Kim & Chris Heming

“Our daughter, Angelique, recently completed a 3-week intensive program at Ability Plus Therapy. We are thrilled with the progress she made over this time. She met or exceeded all of our expectations prior to the start of this therapy program. She went from not using her walker at all, to now using it almost every day for longer and longer periods with each use. Our daughter gained greater strength, muscular endurance, increased range of motion, and a better sense of body awareness. Her therapist, Roberta, was great to work with from the start; she quickly developed a great rapport with our daughter and was able to really get her engaged and excited about the sessions. Most days she did not want to leave and that was even after 4 hours of intense work! All of the staff were friendly, helpful and a pleasure to interact with. It was great to get our daughter into the summer session and we are looking to do it again next year to continue to build upon the success that we achieved thus far!”

— Angelique’s Mom

“My son Jose has cerebral palsy that has caused him to be spastic and developmentally delayed. Jose started therapy when he was about 7 months old near my home, but the progress was very slow. I was referred to Ability Plus Therapy but it was 30 to 40 minutes from my home. All I have to say is it’s an amazing place for therapy. Jose has done one session of intensive therapy which has made a lot of improvements towards his milestones. I think if we wouldn’t be here at Ability Jose wouldn’t be where he’s at today. We love coming to therapy!”

— Sandra proud mom of Jose

“My son Quentin has a genetic anomaly that has caused him to be developmentally delayed. He was enrolled in traditional therapy programs at another facility, but the progress was slow. I cannot say enough wonderful things about intensive therapy. The benefits far outweigh the cost, time, and commitment involved. We saw immediate changes in Quentin’s strength, his interactions with others, and his curiosity to explore the world increased. He was able to walk, jump, and ride a bike over the sessions of intensive therapy. We are eagerly awaiting our next intensive therapy session, and again, I cannot say enough wonderful things. If I had never found Ability Plus Therapy, I know my child would not be where he is today. Thank you, Ability Plus Therapy!”

— Ellen, proud mom of Quentin

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