“I love APT because of its interdisciplinary approach to therapy, all disciplines work
closely together for the well being of the child and his/her families.”
Cris Carey NA, CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist

Cris Carey joined the team at Ability Plus Therapy in 2009 as a speech-language pathologist working with patients with a wide range of abilities. She spends much time at Ability Plus Therapy and No Limits Academy teaching non-verbal children to communicate using augmentative communication such as communication books, iPads, as well as dedicated direct touch and eye gaze devices, working closely with all caregivers including family, therapists, schools and local reps for best outcomes. She is a certified Beckman Oral Motor Therapist and is also PROMPT trained with additional training and experience in working with children in the areas of receptive and expressive language disorders, apraxia of speech, cognitive disabilities, articulation, auditory processing disorders, feeding and swallowing disorders, fluency and socials skills.